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Mon amour, tu es ma vie.[...] En ce moment, j'ai besoin de toi. C'est tout ce qui m'est important. Touche ton visage et embrasse tes lèvres (??? qui touche elle ou vous? The way this is written, you are asking her to kiss her lips ???). Même si c'est la fin du monde, je m'en fous (or better: Je me fous que ce soit la fin du monde). Je t'aimerai jusqu'à la ...


The expression is still in use! I mean for adult people, who speak some educated language versus some common one, and is the equivalent to say: 'Boire en juif', thus, it's no more well sawn to make reference indeed to jewish supposed attitude:(!


It's quite an old expression and is seldom used nowadays. It comes from a cultural difference: When among friends in public places (bar, pub...) the French often, in turn, "paie la tournée" - pay a round. When in the Germanic cultures each pay for his own drinks as a more general rule.

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