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How to translate “I would lie down” or “I will lie down”? The usual translations for “lying down” are “être couché” or “être allongé”. As was previously said, “gésir” implies the subject is incapacitated. It is common to see it in epitaphs in the form “Ci-gît …”, meaning “Here lies …” Gésir Définition : Être étendu, couché, sans ...


Defective verbs are common in French, for example, a simple verb such as DISTRAIRE (‘to entertain’) has no simple past (French speakers don't know the forms), CLORE (‘to close’) is not used in present indicative 1pl and 2pl (even though, everyone knows the forms would be closons and closez). In the case of GESIR, actually the infinitive you mentionned to ...

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