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I would personally try to avoid referring to people by the colour of their skin. That alone can be considered a bit rude both in French and English. The basic "non-offensive" way would be to use the colour for black/white and the region for others (noirs, blancs, latinos, asiatiques). It would still be better to call people by their nationality but I ...


Il s'agit certainement d'une variante du juron « Mordieu » qui apparaît d'ailleurs dans une réplique suivante: — Mordieu ! dit La Mole en pâlissant, y aurait-il déjà trahison ? « Mordi » n'est plus du tout utilisé (ni reconnu) aujourd'hui. Un juron proche plus courant est « morbleu » mais il n'est plus employé.


You have to know, that, in the official French doctrine (in metropolitan France), there are no races, and skin colours should be officially ignored. I´d avoid referring to races and skin colours in Metropolitan France when it´s not related to the topic of the current conversation. Asians (Chinese, Vietnames, Thai, Japanese etc looking people) can be ...

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