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"Finir" carries the notion of "end". To finish something is to carry it to its end. In French, the primary sense of the verb "finir" is a synonym to "terminer": J'ai fini de préparer à manger, à table ! Je termine ma lecture et j'arrive ! The sense of "to end up" is "after the events, to be in a certain situation". In French if you want to use ...


Je suis bien entendu à l’écoute de toute remarque sur ces arguments, tant qu’elle reste constructive.


Every word has a lot of possible meanings. Among many meaning, « finir » can be translated to « To end up » or to « to complete ». If « finir » is followed by an adjective (situation or a state), it means « to end up ». for instance : J’ai fini fauché -> I ended up broke; J’ai fini fatigué -> I ended up tired. If « finir » is followed by a noun or a ...


Taiki. It seems you didn't understand how the verb finir is working. First of all, your sentence is a shortcut. You would say "J'ai fini de lire le roman" to be more explicit. Using J'ai fini, without a verb after it, is a shortcut used a lot of time in french, and might be hard to understand by foreigners. EDIT : After some research, shortcutting here ...

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