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I'm just a regular guy, highly interested in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and app development. -I'm currently involved with a project that is taking all my time. When I'm done, I'll follow my passion for app development and learning all about Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

I'm committing to the Machine Learning Stack Exchange forum.

I think I will commit to Computer Vision (although not sure how successful the group will be)

comment How to pronounce the name “Vandermonde”
Can you direct me to a place where I can interpret /vɑ̃.dɛʁ.mɔ̃d/. I looked up 'French pronunciation charts' and came across this, is there a more official site? Plus, I don't see the letter 'n' in /vɑ̃.dɛʁ.mɔ̃d/, does that mean it's silent?
comment How to pronounce the name “Vandermonde”
@StéphaneGimenez, Thanks, I'll keep in mind text-to-speech next time.