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comment Pourquoi « comment vous appelez-vous », et pas « quel est votre nom » comme en anglais ?
Well, Italian, Spanish and French are related and share the same structure. Swedish, German and English are related and share the same structure (except that English uses What instead of Why, but a few German people tend to use What, too). I've got the feeling that there's indeed a historical reasoning.
comment French language videos for an absolute beginner (free)?
I think @oli mentions a good hint. I, personally, consider movies more helpful than video lectures since situations, conversations and such are more natural than in lectures or tutorials.
comment How to render the German word 'pflegen' in French?
Synchronisation is also a German word and since the German connotation is different to what is being asked, I guess it's same in French.
comment Les deux noms pour chaque point cardinal
Also have a look at ELU: How do you form the 'north' and 'south' versions of 'occident' and 'orient'?, especially that link from the most upvoted answer.