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As a student in South Asian languages, culture and history, specialising in comparative cultures and cognitive science, I take special interest in the influence of cultural paradigms in the perception and interaction with the world in terms of development. I am also a polyglot with a strong passion for learning languages, including programming languages such as Python. Also I am firm supporter of unix and free software.

comment How do you tackle 'adjective overload' when translating to French?
See also: How can adjective-noun order in French be explained by parameter theory?
comment What does “en” mean in “l'amour en est le miel”?
See more on: grammaire.reverso.net/3_1_26_en_pronom.shtml; grammaire.reverso.net/3_1_54_y_pronom.shtml; french.about.com/od/grammar/a/pron_adverbial_2.htm
comment Jusqu'alors ou jusqu'à lors ?
Since the form dès lors exists, even though jusqu'alors might be more common, jusqu'à lors might not be as incorrect as it is unusual.