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Sakib Mahmud, is an Agile software tester with technical ability, combining a wide range of experience with a passion for quality, good analytical skills and a common-sense, pragmatic approach. Experience of the full software development life-cycle on a variety of challenging small to large and simple to complex projects. Ability to pick up new tools and technology to perform the task properly.

I do enjoy working with small to large Agile teams where I can get close to everyone and foster collaboration to help the team perform efficiently. It's all about the team’s efforts and what I can bring to it. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping the clients and creates values for the organization and making a difference with high quality and commitments.

Having experience of professional blogging for 5 years, more than 3500+ online products/service review, I’ve achieved depth experiences about online startups, building products/services, online marketing and so on.

Looking to further my experience with JAVA & Test Automation; Developing frameworks, ATDD/BDD and Agile-suitable tools such as WebDriver, FIT/FitNesse, Cucumber, Twist, Ruby etc.

Familiar with: Test Automation Frameworks, WebDriver, Selenium RC/IDE, Continuous Integration, SQL, ThoughtWorks Twist, Java, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Firebug, XPath, CSS.

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