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I've been in software professionally since 2001, mostly in enterprise business apps. Lately, I've been involved in running several e-commerce sites:

I've had varying degrees of success. My e-commerce empire is a work in progress.

I also blog about my experience with Leangains.

comment Est-ce que l'espace avant les ponctuations forts est obligatoire ou optionnelle ?
Vous avez raison, @AlexandreVaillancourt. L'office québécois de la langue française suggère de ne pas utiliser d'espacement dans la plupart des cas.
comment Stepsister vs. half-sister
Wikipedia seems to agree with the term une sœur par alliance. An alternative given: une quasi-sœur. It also mentions that the term une demi-sœur is sometimes used, but is incorrect.
comment What is the nickname for Michel?
@cl-r: Je vous remercie de me prévenir. Cette information est vraiment bon à savoir.
comment How to understand “Je m'en vais.”?
"I go myself some" sounds very natural to me. I'm kidding of course. I heard "je m'en vais" for the first time today and actually laughed out loud. Even after reading the answers, I still don't understand it fully. I'll just take the meaning on faith ("I'm going away").