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“Well!... That takes the biscuit!”

Joyce, James. The Dubliners

The best way to speed up something is to not do it in the first place.

Kyte, Thomas.

comment How to translate “for six hours (six hours from now)”?
@Aerovistae: yes, that's very common. Would be the default interpretation unless context indicates otherwise (e.g. you're talking about wanting to sit down but can't because your job requires you to be standing at all times, or some medical condition requires it.) You could also say "rester éveillé", or use the verb "veiller", with slightly different connotations. Circeus's answers are (IMO) better in terms of language (esp. written). Mine are rather more "common"/spoken french.
comment How many times the letter 'f' is used in French, in order to suppress it?
Well, it's used once in French, so it has to stay // elle est utilisée une fois dans Français, donc elle doit rester.
comment General term for a remote control?
"remote control" tout court, utilisé comme un verbe, c'est bien ca. Mais "a remote control" c'est un objet. "I can take remote control over my TV with a remote control." => je peux commander ma télé à distance avec une télécommande.
comment General term for a remote control?
"a remote control" c'est une télécommande, un objet, pas l'action de prendre la main à distance sur quelquechose.