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Once upon a time three little pigs who lived with their mother in a small house. One day, Mom called her three sons and said she could not raise them because she was too poor.

I want you out of here and building your house, she said , but beware it's very solid for the big bad wolf can not come and eat you. Mom kissed her three little pigs and said goodbye to tears They went from home to build their houses.

The first little pig met a man carrying a bundle of straw. " Can I have some straw to build my house ? " asked the little pig. And the man gave him straw.

The second little pig met a man carrying a load of wood. " Can I have a few pieces of wood to build my house? " asked the little pig. And the man gave him the wood.

The third little pig ,had met him a man with bricks. "Please , sir, asked the third little pig, can I have some bricks to build my house ? The man gave him enough bricks to build a large and solid house with a fireplace where you could sit.

The Three Little Pigs happily returned home when the wolf saw .

As they should be tender ! Where will I eat first? I'll start with the little pig in the house of straw !

He knocked on the door. Little pig , little nice pig, I come in?

No, No! By the hair of my chin !

Then I'll blow your house down and ! The wolf puffed out his cheeks, blew , blew with all his might ,and the house of straw flew.

Help! cried the first little pig running to the wooden house of his brother.

Scarcely one had he closed the door the wolf knocked.

Little pigs , little nice pigs, I come in?

No, no ! By the hair on our chins ! replied the two brothers.

Then I'll blow , blow , and your house down ! The wolf puffed cheeks,blew , blew with all his might ,and the home of wood flew.

Help! cried the two little pigs running as quickly as possible to the brick house of their brother .

Here, you risk nothing ! he told them .

Soon, the voice of the wolf rang . Little pigs , little pigs nice , I come in?

No! no! By the hair on our chins !

Then you 'll see, the wolf howled , I'll blow your house, and I will destroy ! He then took his deepest breath and blew like crazy. But this time , he failed to bring the house down. He bumped his head against the wall and hurt . Then he fled into the forest, screaming in pain . This made the wolf madman . He was so angry that he became all blue. " It is imperative that I get these pigs " is he saying.

A few days later , small pigs saw the wolf coming with a large scale.

I should have thought of it sooner! he said, leaning against the wall of the house. to reach the chimney.

Meanwhile , the third little pig , who was very cunning, lighted a great fire in the fireplace and there put a pot of water.

When the wolf came down the chimney , he fell right into it. He screamed was heard for miles round and left as he came by the fireplace.

Nobody never heard of him anymore.

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