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I mostly work in Flash and Flex development (AS3 & MXML), but occasionally dig into various web-related technologies like HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, XML, Ajax.

comment What's a French equivalent for the English expression “choked up”?
To translate your example: "J'ai resté bouche-bée quand il m'as informé de son animal mourant."
comment What does “Il faut manger moins de fromage que de pain” mean?
From the straight meaning, it seems to imply that both too much cheese and bread is bad for you, but one should cut down on cheese more so than bread (actually removing dairy products as a whole should be practiced for a healthier lifestyle, except maybe a couple [namely Cottage Cheese]). In the metaphorical sense, I would guess that you two may have gotten into a topic where doing less of something... compared to another thing... would be encouraged, but doing less of both ultimately would be best for you. Possibly?