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I am a gamer, programmer, and a wannabe linguist who is fluent in English and Mandarin, and proficient in French.

I am an achievement hunter. Come and visit me on trueachievements.com

I am also an administrator on Wiktionary and have been for over 3 years. I edit mostly in French, Dutch, English and Mandarin, but I also dabble in Italian, Japanese, Maori and Swedish. We are constantly looking for competent volunteers/lexicographers to contribute to this wonderful multilingual dictionary website.

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comment How do I write “I'm sleeping” in French?
Theoretically, it shouldn't be possible for you to say that :).
comment Qu'est-ce que c'est, le piano bastringue?
Merci Istao. Votre réponse est très utile. Dans un tack piano, des clous sont attachés aux marteau produisant un son avec la percussion plus forte.
comment How to pronounce “voucher”
It's an English word borrowed from Anglo-French, which is itself derived from Old French voucher (to claim, to summon). It is now finding its way back into French.
comment Quelle est l'origine de l'expression « brûler le dur » ?
Bonjours, @RomainVALERI :). Oui, voici une référence trouvée dans un romain par Alain Tercinet. Page 28 (premier alinéa au-dessous Cherokee) - books.google.fr/…
comment Comment traduire « boilerplate » ?
J'suis d'accord. Il n'y a pas de terme qui correspond exactement. Peut-être 'standard de texte'?
comment Learning french from beginning to end
1) Read. 2) Listen. 3) Repeat 1 and 2 over and over again with consistency for at least 3-5 years, that is, if you don't have the option to move to a French speaking region. If you are a competent writer in your primary language, then you are unlikely to become a bad one in French. Writing comes naturally with reading comprehension and speaking comes naturally with listening comprehension. That's how I learnt French by myself from scratch.
comment Meaning of “dossier” in a financial context?
Do you have an example sentence?