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I prefer usually challenging questions, while I may spend some time on easier ones trying to explain something that used to be difficult for me. This is not the most rewarding way to get reputation points, but this is how I like to answer stack overflow and server fault questions, when possible.

My preference goes to algorithms, and C, a language that I've liked and known for a long time, while I like also to visit server fault and its many interesting and challenging system, DB, nginx, ... questions and answers.

Linux has been my working environment for almost 10 years. And a (few) Mac for leisure.

As of now, I never gave a negative rating. This is the best way I found to move away the temptation to abuse the down voting ability.

comment What is the feminine of doctor (médecin)?
Does the Office québécois has any influence on the French language (of France)? If "no", maybe that answer is irrelevant(?)
comment Accord dans « toutes les personnes qui nous ont soutenus »
Je suppose que l'on ne rencontre pas souvent l'usage avec un roi ou une reine.. :-)
comment Comment accorder avec des nombres à virgule ?
Ça c'est ton côté maths qui ressort :-) Mais je crains que dans le français courant il ne faille préciser ou égal...
comment Kindly requesting a guide to the verb “Asseoir”
Dont acte. L'exemple a changé pour une phrase plus courante. Mais en langage populaire on entend J'assieds les élèves et j'arrive par exemple qui connote une certaine autorité sur les élèves (qui n'est pas explicite).