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I am a computational linguistics PhD candidate. But before that, long before that, I fell in love with languages.

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comment Unpredictable pronunciations
The thing is, there can be systematic rules behind irregularities. Consider the strong verbs in English with vowel alternations -- I can't know a priori that to run is in the class and to gun isn't, but I know that within the class there are systematic rules. That's all I mean, and I did hesitate to write the words "systematic irregularity".
comment Unpredictable pronunciations
@StéphaneGimenez: Ah, interesting. What's an example?
comment Unpredictable pronunciations
I know the pronunciation rules (the regular component of French orthography); I'm interested in the irregular component. An example of the kind of systematic irregularity I'm after would be: "the forms of avoir which have <eu> are pronounced [y], not [ø]".