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I program; if that's what you want to call it, then I program.

comment À quoi fait référence le « ça » dans « Comment ça va ? » ?
That's interesting. In Belgium, we don't refer il to God. I took a franco-linguistics course at ULB in Bruxelles, and the consensus of the class was that "il" was indeed pleonastic. It's entirely possible our dialects differ.
comment Composite English words with “like” (basin-like, heaven-like, etc.)
"aux allures de bassin" absolutely expresses exactly what the sentence in English says. This means in English something along the lines of "... with the captivating qualities of a basin". It simply implies that these qualities are generally positive ... and alluring :).
comment How many times the letter 'f' is used in French, in order to suppress it?
Tu m'as fait rire.