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Technic for reading words with Techniques to improve pronunciation when I can manage to say parts of the word but not the full word (e.g. 2 close r'snearby R sounds)

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Stéphane Gimenez
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Technic for reading words with 2 close r's

Is there any tip on how to pronounce words that have two r's?

I'm using Forvo as my main "how-to-pronounce-something". But even when I hear these words 200x being pronounced, I can't!

Let me give you an example:

  • I can pronounce mardi(1), ordinateur(2, but far from eachother), mercredi(2, close but first r comes after the vowel);
  • I can't pronounce progrés, prendre and many other words that has the sound of the consonant combined with the sound of r

So, again, is there any technic to master these kind of words? For the rest, I can pronounce it all (mother tongue br-portuguese helps), this words make me feel a little bit sad. (I'm a good(?) way)