If were to say (Call of Duty Cheat) would it be "Call of Duty tricher" or "Call of Duty triche".

Is "triche" just "cheat" and "tricher" = "to cheat"

  • In French, I would myself simply say "cheat". (French Canadian) Example : "Tu as un cheat?" – Sifu Aug 11 '14 at 12:50

That depends on what you mean with "Call of Duty Cheat".

If it is about single-player cheat codes, that would be Code [de triche] pour Call of Duty.

If it is about multi-player hacks, that might be Triche (or Tricherie) dans Call of Duty.

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If you're talking about a cheat as a help: you may use "astuce(s)". If not it's "triche" as you said.

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  • "Astuces" are tips. They are expected to be legal so do not match "cheat" which AFAIK always imply some rule is broken. – jlliagre Aug 14 '14 at 15:42

triche => Cheat
tricheur => someone who is cheating
tricher => to cheat

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