See this paragraph:

with the goal of developing an energy ladder of plug and play energy products that separate energy generation/storage and distribution

What are French translations of "plug and play" and "energy ladder" in that context?

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    One question at a time please. And since we are not a translation service we appreciate OPs to say what they have found so far and why they do not think it's good enough for their purpose.
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I think that « prêt(e) à l'emploi » is a good translation of « plug and play », or you actually could use the original phrase in English inside of quotation marks, since it's something like an idiom.

As for « energy ladder », literal translation is « l'échelle énergétique », and this page shows that it's obviously in use.

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    « Prêt à l'emploi » est en effet le terme officiel proposé par la Commission générale de terminologie et de néologie.
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    Aug 19, 2014 at 11:13

The translation of energy ladder is very simple it's : échelle énergetique.

For the translation of plug and play it becomes more complicated, I saw that everyone propose the term prêt à l'emploi, but this term is too generalist and can't be literally translated in a sentence. Prêt à l'emploi means you could use something directly, but doesn't really apply in computer science.

If you check the wiki page of plug and play, you will see that the terms connecter et jouer or branche et utilise are literal translations, but they are not used and don't even make sense in French.

So how to really translate it ? Well you can't. You need to avoid this term in your sentence.

A good way to say that an peripheral object is plug and play in a sentence would be for example :

Tu branches ton périphérique et il est automatiquement reconnu.

Which means :

You plug your peripheral and it is automatically recognized.

Yes, there are terms that you can't translate… Note that you can use directly the term plug and play in a French sentence if you're talking to someone that works in IT or is young enough to understand what it is.


In France we use the term "plug and play". And "échelle énergétique" is a good translation for "energy ladder".

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Not serious answer: come on, we can do better than that. What about something that matches the original alliteration, such as "attache et pof ça marche".

  • Haha, yes in a oral conversation to a friend you could say : branche et ça marche. Aug 25, 2014 at 8:08
  • Moderators, yes I'm quite sure my answer is not usable in a professional translation, and that something that a) reflects the alliteration b) is closer to "auto configuration on plugin" c) creative could be interesting. Leaving just the answer without the comment makes the answer incorrect and irrelevant.
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