English has a grammatical construction for comparative adjectives, that looks like, for example:

The more books I read, the more I know.

This construction uses two comparative adjectives to show dependency between two things. Is there an analogue for that in French? Or any another good way to say this?

I started learning French recently, and tried to explain this to my teacher, but I don't think she understood me (she doesn't speak English). Also I tried to find this on Google and here, but had no success.


C'est un cas où le mot à mot fonctionne :

Plus je lis de livres, plus je sais (ou plus je connais).

Une traduction plus soutenue :

Plus je lis de livres, plus je sais de choses.

Une traduction avec transposition :

Plus je lis de livres, plus mes connaissances augmentent.

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