There is a term I can't find info on.

I know someone from Cameroon who, when he talks to his son, calls him something that sounds like “fils-ton”. I've also heard the same term in a Japanese cartoon (in French obviously) where a man is enthusiastically encouraging a much younger guy.

Any ideas?

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Oui, le mot fiston existe en effet, c'est un terme d'affection que l'on réserve à quelqu'un pour qui on a une relation de protection, de filiation réelle ou symbolique, ou simplement de camaraderie.

Voir notamment la définition du TLFi ici.

English version :

Yes, the word fiston exists, you can check its definition at the TLFi here. It's an affectionate term used in relationships where the one using the term has some parenthood, real or symbolic, over the one called fiston. Sometimes an experienced worker on the job can say it to young apprentices, or uncles to nephews, and so on.

I guess it's the near exact equivalent of the english sonny.

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