I've looked up conjugation of “essayer” and two different sources have given me two different suggestions:

According to this source, one would pronounce “j'essaye” as “ʒ‿esɛj”.

According to the other source, one would pronounce it as “ʒ‿ese”.

I would like to ask which pronunciation is the correct one. Or, if they are both correct, which is “more usual” and which is “less usual”.


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Both j'essaie pronounced /ʒ‿esɛ/ or /ʒ‿ese/ and j'essaye pronounced /ʒ‿esɛj/ are correct.

The former looks to be more frequently written but I'm not sure the same is true for spoken French where both might be equally used. In any case, I do not make a difference between these forms.


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