So for French homework we have been given a list of words that we need to unscramble to make a sentence that makes sense, and in one of them there is a word which I have no idea what it means, and I am wondering if it could be a typo? The word is:
est-ce qu'

I was looking around and found a word spelt like this:
est-ce que

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Est-ce qu' is the required contraction of est-ce que in front of a vowel or mute h; for example,

Est-ce qu'il y a du pain ? - Is there any bread?


"est-ce qu'" and "est-ce que" are the same. "est-ce que" becomes "est-ce qu'" when placed before a vowel.

Both are used to start a question.

For example :

  • "est-ce que tu m'aimes ?" ("Do you love me?")
  • "est-ce qu'elle m'aime ?" ("Does she love me?")

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