For example:

I'll give you £25 for it

I want 50





Is there a similar word or phrase in French for “deal”? Or you just say something like “I agree” or something like that?

  • "Marché conclu" is IMO the most used, but "deal" is also used alot in the canadian french vocabulary. – IEatBagels Oct 19 '15 at 18:38

Simple :

D'accord !

Courant :

Marché Conclu ! Vendu !

Familier :

ça marche ! On fait comme ça ! C'est parti !

Familier spécial:


(Vas-y à ici la valeur de "C'est parti !", c'est extrêmement familier, c'est un langage particulièrement utilisé par les jeunes) Vas-y est d'ailleurs souvent utilisé avec "On fait comme ça":

"Je t'en donne 25$
30 ?
27 !
Vas-y, on fait comme ça !"

Le plus important étant de conclure la transaction avec une poignée de main sincère.

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  • Chosen as answer for giving the most comprehensive answer. Thanks – dVyper Oct 15 '15 at 11:18

marché conclu! is the most appropriate and more widely used. But you can express that in many other ways such as: affaire conclue! , ça marche! ... and so on.

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You might say "Tope-là", offering your hand and the deal is sealed when the other party hit it with his/her own hand à la "give me five."

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You can say D'accord ! or Marché conclu !

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You can also say:

Va pour [price reached] !

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As a french canadian, i would say :


We use the same word. If you want to use a french word you could use

parfait !

that means "perfect ! " or

vendu !

that means "sold".

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  • 1
    "Vendu" and "Marché conclu" (lkl's answer) are definitely the most appropriate in this context. – Puzzled Oct 14 '15 at 7:02
  • I agree with Puzzled. But "deal" also works, and "parfait" is not a good answer imo :) – Random Oct 14 '15 at 8:57

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