I was reading news titled « Facebook booste son moteur de recherche pour mieux concurrencer Google » but couldn't find the word « booste » in Collins Dictionary. Why is this?

  • J’ajouterais bêtement que l’on y trouve «buste» qui phonétiquement n’est pas loin pour nous stimuler et monter le moral. Et puis aux même fins il y a «bustier» qui n’est pas un verbe, mais même sans en avoir l’air ni connexion visible, ça tient bien tout de même !
    – Papa Poule
    Oct 23 '15 at 13:11

Collins Dictionaries Online doesn't have it (it has booster, the English substantive; la fusée de lancement). It's a fashionable loanword from the English language but it is poorly compatible with French in terms of spelling and phonetics. Alternate word choices from the BDL :

gonfler, augmenter, stimuler, encourager, accroître, développer, renforcer, relancer, animer, hausser, dynamiser, doper (langue familière), donner du tonus, donner (ou redonner) de l’élan, donner un coup de fouet, donner un coup de pouce, remonter le moral, faire du battage, promouvoir, valoriser, faire la promotion, faire monter.

And from the Académie française:

Stimuler, régénérer, relancer, augmenter, accélérer, développer, faire croître.

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    My Grand Robert & Collins has it: booster (2) [+ économie, ventes] ▶ to boost [+ moteur] ▶ to soup up
    – lkl
    Oct 22 '15 at 22:15
  • Thanks. Now I know to look up Académie française and the BDL.
    – grokus
    Oct 22 '15 at 23:55
  • You're welcome. As you can see, sources vary; the more the merrier. Btw. see also Larousse and TLFi, the latter one also giving you access to many versions of the Académie dictionary per se. But usage may vary. Thanks!
    – user3177
    Oct 23 '15 at 0:40

Because it's a conjugated verb. You need to look up the infinitive: booster, for which Grand Robert & Collins offers

booster (2)

[+ économie, ventes] ▶ to boost

[+ moteur] ▶ to soup up

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    No, that's not the reason. The dictionary does recognize conjugated verb forms. Even the infinitive booster can't be found in Collins.
    – grokus
    Oct 22 '15 at 23:25

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