Is there a French dictionary where I can search for words with given ending? It would also be nice to have the results sorted by frequence and the nouns marked with gender.

I want to check some popular recommendations about gender of French nouns, like nouns ending on -age (-ade) are generally masculine (feminine). If you know some researches on this theme, they are also welcome!

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Lexique.org provides an advanced search tool.

Searching for words ending with -age or -ade is done from that page that way:

image 1

and leads to this result.




Le Wiktionnaire

Le Wiktionnaire allows for this kind of search. It may not be complete (especially, it does not always have a list of names composed with this ending) but it usually features at least some examples and it does say whether that ending is masculine or feminine.

For your examples:

Le Centre National de Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales

The CNRTL also proposes this kind of definitions, with seemingly more complete lists of names made from the suffixes. I am less familiar with it, but some others on this StackExchange will have much more knowledge about it.

Same examples:


In book form, you can use the Dictionnaire des rimes edited by Larousse.

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