Today I received an email from Amazon with some kind of a discount. I decided to make use of it and translate it, however I stumbled on a sentence that gives me problems:

Votre commande récente sur Amazon.fr vous donne droit à un code promotionnel que vous pourrez utiliser lors de votre prochain achat éligible.

I know what the sentence is about however I think that it is missing a verb between donne and droit since having a right to something should be avoir droit à qc.

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"Donner droit à quelque chose" is actually a valid and commonly used construction roughly meaning "to be eligible for something".

I personally like Linguee to search for expressions and to get examples of translations. Googling "donner droit" (with quotes) also turns up examples:

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    Voir aussi directement la locution aux dictionnaires TLFi et Larousse. Merci.
    – user3177
    Nov 25, 2015 at 21:05

Donne is the verb you're looking for:

Votre commande vous donne droit à un code promotionnel.
Your order entitles you (gives you the right) to a promotional code.

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