How would i say verbs without a subject. Ex (in english) Do the dishes. (what verb conjugation would I use)

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By conjugating the verb in the imperative (only possible with tu, vous and nous, of course).

To say "Do the dishes", you would therefore say:

Faites la vaisselle.


Fais la vaisselle.


That would be the imperative mood, just as in English.


French has an imperative, it works the same as the English one with 3 forms in the present tense instead of 1 for English:

  • fais la vaisselle (TOI/YOU => 2sg)
  • faisons la vaisselle (NOUS/WE => 1pl)
  • faites la vaisselle (VOUS/YOU => 2pl)

Actually, these forms have a subject but it is not expressed outside the verb. On the other hand, infinitives do not have subjects in French or English:

  • to do the dishes is boring
  • faire la vaisselle n'est pas amusant

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