If you want to express the idea of "such things" (plural) in French, do you need to change "une | a" into "de | some", as shown in the following example?

{ I never wanted to get involved ... }

« Je n'ai jamais voulu me retrouver impliqué ...

1A. dans une chose pareille. » { in such a thing | Singular }

1B. dans une pareille chose » { in such a thing | Singular }

2A. dans des choses pareilles » { in (some) such things | Plural }

2B. dans de pareilles choses » { in (some) such things | Plural }

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All phrases are OK.

  • 1A, 2A are the most common and are equivalent:

    dans une chose pareille.

    dans des choses pareilles.

  • 2B also exists, but is more stylish:

    dans de pareilles choses.

  • 1B is correct but rare:

    dans une pareille chose.


Yes, 1A in plural becomes 2A, 1B in plural becomes 2B. So yes, but you may want to put the adjective first, as shown in the Bs, to emphasize the description aspect.

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