I'm writing my CV in French. How should I translate the following words and phrases into French?

  • Awards: prize for something

  • Honors: Outstanding Graduate of University ABC (Top 5%), recipient of Dean’s List, Graduated with highest distinction

  • Achievements


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  • Awards : Récompenses
  • Honors : Mentions
  • Achievements : Normally, i use 'Réalisations'. 'Succès' is an less used alternative. It means things you've managed to achieve.

In the context of a CV, here is how I would translate this words (as a french native) in order of preference:

  • Awards: Prix, récompenses
  • Honors: Mentions would be the correct translation, but it would feel a little weird to write "Mentions: diplomée de l'université ABC..." Because the word Mentions is use with the french Baccalauéat, like "Baccalauréat S mention bien". I would prefer to write this kind of things in the education part.
  • Achievements: Réalisations, which is more neutral than Succès, but the two are ok. Maybe you could give us more informations about the content.

Awards: un prix, Honors: mention très bien, For the word "achievements" do you want to say like experiences and internships or skills ?

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