I thought of this while trying to mentally translate "How bad is the sauce?" but this applies to anything. Basically just trying to inquire about the extent of a quality.

I ordered the car green, but it came blue.

How blue?

The weather is lovely.

How lovely?

How bad is the sauce?

How far did he run? (This was previously explained to me as À quelle distance... but that doesn't apply to the others and I just wanted to bring it up again. "À quelle distance est-ce qu'il a couru?" Is that right?

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In spoken French, comment is often used to translate "how" :

How blue? → bleu comment ?

Le temps est très beau ! Très beau comment ? / C'est à dire ?

How bad is the sauce? → Elle est mauvaise comment, la sauce ?

How far did he run? → Il a couru jusqu'où ? / Jusqu'où a-t-il couru ?


All of those can be: [Jusqu']

à quel point le temps est beau? Oh, très beau!

à quel point la sauce était mauvaise? Elle était franchement dégueulasse.

à quel point bleu? [though it sounds a bit silly]...Oh, bleu très foncé

except: Jusqu'où a-t-il ou est-ce qu'il a couru? Because how far is not like the other questions. The others are about the intensity of the a quality/condition....

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