Is une souris d'ordinateur sans fil how you would say it? les souris d'ordinateur sans fil would be the plural form?

I know that many of you would probably say that une souris sans fil is already good enough because just like in English no one would ever stick the word computer in there simply because most of the time when we talk about things, we do that under a certain context and therefore certain words just sound redundant if not left out. But the reason I'm asking this is because I want to make sure I've got the order of adjectives correct there. Does the way I have it written there sound fine to you, you think? Could I at least technically switch d'ordinateur and sans fil around? Would that be totally wrong?

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The problem is that it would be ambiguous. You can't know which one is wireless: The computer or the mouse ?
In France, if you say « Une souris sans fil », it is clear you are talking about a computer mouse.

About grammar, your sentence is correct. You can both say

les souris d'ordinateur sans fil
les souris sans fil d'ordinateur

The first one sounds more natural, even if as said before, it may be ambiguous.

  • I agree with my zergish mate. It's obvious that you are talking about a computer mouse. A "wireless computer" today is also ambiguous, is it a laptop ? a tablet ? I'd keep "Souris sans fil" too, you clearly are talking about a bluetooth mouse or equivalent.
    – Limo
    Commented Feb 24, 2016 at 9:22
  • @Limo Makes me think, there's the same ambiguity in French and English about whether the mouse is true Bluetooth or "wireless USB" xD And I realized I would say "Une souris d'ordinateur sans fil Bluetooth" but "Une souris d'ordinateur USB sans fil" because "sans fil USB" adds another level of ambiguity xD
    – Pwassonne
    Commented Apr 27, 2016 at 18:56
  • Yeah I see what you mean. We should say what technology the mouse is using, "Radio mouse, bluetooth mouse, Hertz mouse"... :)
    – Limo
    Commented Apr 28, 2016 at 7:38

You could use

Une souris sans fil pour ordinateur

but it's quite heavy. In this case "sans fil" can apply to both the mouse or the computer so you have to clear it up by locating the "sans fil" after the mouse.

On the other hand, people will understand because the usual expression is not

ordinateur sans fil


ordinateur portable

ou juste


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