I want to say

When you text someone instead of speaking to them, it is easy to be misunderstood, and you could offend the other person.

How would I say this?

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«D'être mal compris»

Is "to be misunderstood". Voir le verbe comprendre II.2.a

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To answer the question in your title and given the context of the situation you are describing, the appropriate translation of "misunderstood" is "mal interprété".

As for your sentence, on way to go would be, for example:

Les communications écrites, contrairement aux communications orales, peuvent être facilement mal interprétées et sont susceptibles d'offenser leurs destinataires.

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    This is very formal and might not fit any situation. – Laure Apr 10 '16 at 8:12

"Mal compris" and "incompris" are the two most plausible translations. "Il est facile d'être mal compris" is better (because "incompris" is more formal).


I misunderstood. can be

Je n'ai pas compris.
J'ai mal compris.
Je me suis mépris (formal)

misunderstood (adjective) can be

mal compris
mécompris (formal)

The Micromégas answer seems to be the best to me

D'être mal compris

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