So, I came across the word "climatise," which means air conditioned in English. The subject of my sentence is feminine (la cantine) and I think that the sentence should be written in the following manner:

"C'est nouvelle et climatisé."

I looked up the Internet (E-Books) and found that the authors like to use the phrase "avec air climatisé." If my translation is wrong, how can I use this phrase (if it has any relation to air conditioning)?

  • Make sure you add accents to your words! (climatisé)
    – cccg03
    Apr 19, 2016 at 21:39

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La cantine/elle est nouvelle et climatisée.

La cantine/elle est nouvelle et a l'air conditionné.


In my experience, only saying "climatisé(e)" is just fine if the context is understood.

When you use "C'est," your subject becomes neutral. So even though you're referring to the 'cantine,' you would say:

C'est nouveau et climatisé.

But you could also say, after already referring to the 'cantine' :

Elle est nouvelle et climatisée.

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