I sometimes write to-do list items in French, and often find it hard to decide how to conjugate items. E.g:

  • Go to bed at 10 pm ->...

  • se coucher a 10h?

  • me coucher a 10h?
  • coucher a 10h?

I would use the infinitive in a todo list. "go to bed" is better translated by the more idiomatic "aller se coucher" than "aller au lit". As se coucher is pronominal, the form will depend on who the todo list is directed to, e.g.:


  • Se coucher à 10h.

To yourself:

  • Me coucher à 10h.

To one kid:

  • Te coucher à 10h.

To several kids:

  • Vous coucher à 10h.
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  • ahaha! yes of course... will edit my question to reflect that. In this case, you would use the 'generic' or first person? – anon01 Apr 22 '16 at 0:04
  • If the todo list if for yourself, that would be Me coucher à 10h although Coucher à 10h or even Coucher, 10h would do it too. – jlliagre Apr 22 '16 at 0:29
  • @anon0909 You shouldn't edit your question, except to clarify what you're asking. This answer now doesn't fully make sense as it mentions a mistake you made, which has now been corrected. – CJ Dennis Apr 22 '16 at 1:13

You can use the infinitive form, like Jiliagre explained:

  • remplir le dossier pour la Sécu
  • rendre son saladier à la voisine

You can also use the imperative:

  • fais la vaisselle
  • pense à sortir les poubelles
  • surveille ton petit frère

  • désamorcez la bombe du secteur 8

  • empêchez les ennemis de rentrer dans la ville
  • rassemblez cinq coquilles rouges et apportez-les à Tartempion avant la nuit

Note that it won't work if you are leaving a list of things for yourself.

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For a personnal TODO list, I would use a more familiar expressions "Dodo". It assumes no one would read it but you.
A second point is how to say "10pm". If there may be any confusion, you should better say "22h" to remove any ambiguity.

22h: dodo
22h: (Aller) [me/se] coucher (kind of too serious in my opinion)

Dodo is familiar and gives a childhood connotation. When used between adults, it's used as a joke saying "let's stop adults stuff and go back to childhood to sleep".

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  • @anon0909 haha, yeah, "dodo" is also a bird, but here, "dodo" means "to sleep". You may use "Je vais faire dodo", "Je vais au dodo", "j'ai fait un gros dodo". Indeed, I may be a little offtopic, since you are not asking for this particular task :) – Random Apr 22 '16 at 11:57

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