So I was working on the Theme: Vacations/Holidays and I first encountered the word: la station de ski which can be translated as a "ski resort" in English. Alright. Then I thought about how could one translate a "sea resort" in French and I guessed that it should be "la station de mer," however it turns out that a sea resort is actually la station balnéaire in French. Considering this, I would like to know whether my version ("la station de mer") is still correct or not?


The right and established expression is indeed Station balnéaire. No native speaker would say une station de mer but you'll probably be understood as it is grammatically correct.

A quick google search shows this expression appears sporadically and is perfectly understandable in a suitable context.



Cet événement unique a été inventé en 1994 par le navigateur alpiniste Eric Loizeau et rassemble chaque année dans une station de mer ou de montagne les acteurs célèbres de ses deux milieux de prédilection pour 4 jours de compétitions intenses et conviviales.


Marsalforn est un village de pêcheurs sur la côte nord et est la station de mer la plus populaire et développée de Gozo.


Benidorm est une station de mer très vivante et il y a beaucoup de jeunesse.

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    I honestly don't think I would understand it on first reading, depending of the context. I would think it's something that's in the sea, like an offshore petrol platform or something. Just use the correct words.
    – N.I.
    Apr 25 '16 at 9:10
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    The words are correct, the wording is (almost) unused. I do not question the fact station balnéaire is the right answer. Answer updated to clarify.
    – jlliagre
    Apr 25 '16 at 9:27

"Une station de mer" n'existe pas.
On dit en effet "une station balnéaire".

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