Is there a difference in pronunciation between the following two sentences? In other words, is it possible to tell whether I am talking about one or many colours? Thanks.

Quelles magnifiques couleurs !
Quelle magnifique couleur !

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    They are pronounced in exactly the same way. The 3 s are silent in the plural sentence.
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    May 21, 2016 at 14:21

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In this particular case, they are pronounced the same way, because the first letters of magnifique and couleur (respectively m and c) are consonants.

But in this example, you hear the difference:

Quelle étrange abeille !

Quelles étranges abeilles !

Especially because the firsts letters of "étrange" and "abeille" (respectively e and a) are vowels. In French, we make the liaison between a consonant and a vowel. So you hear [z] for the two first 's'.

Have a look here to understand more about liaison: http://www.spellandsound.com/french-liaisons/


As said Laure in comment, they are pronounced in exactly the same way.

You can't distinguish if your are talking about one or many colours.

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