I saw this on a French facebook page:

Oui ! Je fais attention de qui je mets dans mon cœur. Car beaucoup me l'ont blessé en y entrant. Maintenant je ne laisse plus la porte ouverte.

I translate it as

Yes, I pay attention of who I let into my heart. Because a lot have hurt me while entering (inside). Now I don't leave the door open anymore.

I don't understand though why there's a "le" in between me and ont. Could someone explain?

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    This sentence is not correct. "Faire attention de" is not correct here. Don't trust what you read on blogs. – None Aug 3 '16 at 7:21

l' refer to "mon cœur", so the translation is wrong it should be :

Because a lot have hurt it while entering (inside).

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