I've been searching for a while for finding a French-to-French dictionary and I found nothing. Is there any good such dictionary?

Note: I want to use it on my laptop like longman, I do not need any printed dictionary because I can not use any (they're big).


Le Littré is a well known french dictionary, download its freeware here.

Le Robert is another well known french dictionary, you can download it here (10 days trial).


I find Antidote to be a great electronic dictionary. It contains twelve dictionaries, eleven grammar guides, a powerful spellcheck and other useful information like synonyms, antonyms, conjugation tables and cooccurrences (words that work well together). It is a bit expensive though.

  • +1 for this awesome tool. I had a lexicology teacher who'd use it every now and then while teaching, for additional insights on his examples. Oct 17 '12 at 13:32

Some ressources linked here comes from providers having a standalone version.

  • Thanks but I don't need online resource:(
    – undone
    Feb 26 '12 at 8:32

There is the Franqus, a web french dictionary made in Quebec (contains more informations about French American words).


i'm using this wiktionnaire.mobi ie the french wiktionary exported.

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