If I want to bring something back to a store, do I use rapporter, rendre, or retourner to express that?

For example, je voudrais rapporter cette huile d'olive...

Or is there another expression I'm unfamiliar with?

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Having worked in retail in France, the word for a return is in fact retour, as in

Je m'occupe des retours

However, you would not use the verb retourner, but indeed rapporter, as in

Rapportez cette paire de chaussures demain et je m'occuperai du retour

  • I agree, I wouldn't say: 'Ce vêtement ne me va pas, je vais le retourner et prendre la taille au-dessus'. I would say '[...] je vais le rapporter [...]'. But still, as you wrote, we talk about 'retours'.
    – Destal
    Aug 4, 2016 at 7:30

I would use retourner.

Rapporter means to bring something back, but not necessarily to give it back.

Stores here in Quebec refer to their Politique de retour


I think the most used verbs in France are rendre or rapporter.


Retourner and renvoyer are good options to express the idea of bringing something back to store.

Use renvoyer if you make something back by any delivery or transport service (for example, if you receive an incomplete package).
Retourner can be used in any case.

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