Il me fallait trouver un autre solution. C'était évident. Alors, il m'a dit connaître quelqu'un en mesure de m'y aider.

Given the context, I think that the "alors" here means "and then {et puis}", indicating that A happens first and then B happens afterwards.

None of the other possible meanings of "alors" (namely "so {donc}", "back then {à l'époque}", and "in that case {dans ce cas}") does not seem to fit perfectly in this context.

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It can indeed have a temporal meaning, to convey « at that moment ». In a context like story-telling, more specifically, it really means « at that moment of the story/action »

Anecdotically to your question, the TLFi article (here) happens to quote this meaning as the very first of its long list.

  • So I suppose that the "ensuite" meaning is off the mark? Merci. Commented Aug 28, 2016 at 5:00

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