What do you want for dinner? “Que voulez-vous pour le dîner ?” or “Que voulez-vous pour dîner”, without the article "le"?

I have seen it both ways, is one way more correct?


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In french the word Diner can be used as a noun or a verb like other similar words

Déjeuner - le déjeuner

Souper - le souper

In your case your first sentence uses the noun

Que voulez-vous pour le diner ?

And your second sentence uses the verb

Que voulez-vous pour diner ?

Both sentences are correct and both mean the same thing


Dîner is both a verb and a noun. If you mean dîner as a noun, you must add le; if you mean dîner as a verb, you don't. Both are correct for your sentence. Same for déjeuner and le déjeuner.

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