Been thinking about this for awhile. There's a bag named sac de jour, but I have been wondering why it isn't called sac du jour.

Is there a difference between the meaning between two?

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Of course, there is ! Those are not the same word : specifically du is the contraction of de le.

In that specific case “sac de jour” means “day bag” as in a bag you would wear during the day and not in the evening (though it sounds a bit silly, then again : fashion), whereas a “sac du jour” would be a “bag of the day”, as in either the one of your many bags that you would wear specifically today, or a bag that has been made today (again, unlikely).

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    +1 I'd add de jour can also refer to casual dressing (as opposed to dressed up). And sac du jour, like "bag of the day" in English, could also refer to a "special offer", a shop offers a rebate on a different bag bag every day (that can be submitted to as specific condition such as spending a minimum amount on other items...)
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