In any sentence with plural objects, such as:

Les sandwichs...

Would I use the être plural sont, or the object standard third person est.

Les sandwichs sont bon.


Les sandwichs est bon.



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You never use "est" with plural.

And because "les sandwichs" are the subject, you also need to add an "s" to "bon"

Les sandwichs sont bons.


Unlike English, French has six different conjugations. It has three for singular subjects, and three for plural subjects. They are pretty straightforward:

  • First person singular ("je"; I)
  • Second person singular ("tu"; singular you)
  • Third person singular ("il", "elle", "on", any singular object; he and she)
  • First person plural ("nous"; we)
  • Second person plural ("vous"; plural you)
  • Third person plural ("ils", "elles", any plural object; they)

So you're right that "est" is third person, but it is third person singular. Because your subject is third person plural, you need to use "sont".

Les sandwichs sont bons.

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