What is the berry and what does the cow say in this puzzle

Puzzle Image

"Nous sommes abandonnés"

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    For the record, such a puzzle is called a "rébus".
    – Yk Cheese
    Oct 19, 2016 at 12:02

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That holly berry is the houx. The cow mooing is either meugler/beugler/mugir but the typical sound is meuh ! Spoilers ahead.

N' - houx - seau - meuh - A - banc - dos - nez ! (Nous sommes abandonnés !)


The berry is called "Houx", and the cow says "meuh" (it doesn't say anything in particular, it's just the sound of a cow in French, same as "Moo" in English).


Peut-être bien qu'il sgit de l'onomatopée désignant le meuglement des vaches : « meuh ». Ce qui correspond au son « m » du mot « sommes ».

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