"I took a French class last year."

In this question it is claimed that "suivre un cours" is the best option, with "prendre un cours" also usable but not idiomatic. What about "faire un cours"? Is it also a valid option?

J'ai fait un cours de français l'année dernière.


When you say "j'ai fait un cours" we can understand that you were the teacher. I think "suivre" is the best option.

You can say : "j'ai eu des cours de français l’année dernière"

Or : "J'ai assisté à des cours de français l'année dernière"

But "J'ai suivi des cours de français" is better because it seems that you were more involve.


I would say the most idiomatic translation is "J'ai suivi un cours de français l'année dernière".

"Suivre des cours" (note the plural) can be used both for a one or two hour class lesson or for a semester long class (shorter or longer period of time as well)

Note that "prendre un cours" has the meaning "to take notes on a copybook".

I might as well add "Reprendre un cours" is used when you were absent from a class or you didn't have time to take all notes, so you borrow your classmate's notebook to copy out.


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