Homme : Personne n'a essayé de t'arrêter ?

Femme : Tu penses bien que si ! Mais je ne m'en suis pas laissé compter / conter !

I’m trying to pin down the meaning of this expression. Does it mean:

"But I wouldn’t hear of it." = "But I refused to listen to it."

Or is it more like:

"But I was having none of it." = "But I refused to let that happen."

Incidentally, is it fine to use both "compter" and "conter" with this expression?

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You need to use conter, not compter which would be meaningless here.

Ne pas s'en laisser conter means to avoid being cheated/seduced/fooled/manipulated by someone who is telling untrue/invented stories (conter) in order to abuse you.

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