"I find it interesting that a suit is required for this event."

Je trouve intéressant qu'un costume soit requis pour cet événement.

Is this translation correct? Should we use "Je le trouve ..." instead of "Je trouve ..."? And is the use of subjunctive here appropriate? (I think it is appropriate since it's an opinion.)

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    Translation is correct. Some might say "Je trouve ça intéressant ..." but definitely not "Je le trouve ..."
    – Vincent G
    Nov 29, 2016 at 8:13

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The translation is correct, and the subjunctive usage is appropriate too.

You can use 'ça' or 'cela' as you use 'it':

Un costume est requis pour cet événement. (A costume is required for this event.)

Je trouve ça/cela intéressant.

You could only use 'le' (or 'la') in case you're talking about a person:

Qu'as-tu pensé de l'invité(e) ? (What did you think of the guest?)

Je le/la trouve intéressant(e).

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