Is this an emphatic phrase to mean "they like you so much (only too much)"? I don't understand the purpose of putting the word "en".

  • Évidemment ! Et ils ne t'en aiment que davantage !
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    The "en" stands for the reason they have to like you that much (a reason we don't know here). I'd translate it as: "And that makes them love you even more".
    – Destal
    Dec 2 '16 at 23:48

I see it as a nearly literal translation of the English notion of:

“They only like/love you [even] more for that/because of it”

I see the “en” as meaning “for that” or “because of it,” where the “that” or “it” is something you’ve done or said (or a character trait you have) that has made “them” love or like “you” even more than they did before, but I don’t see any implication that their affection for you has reached the point of being excessive.

  • Indeed. Your translation hits the nail. I'd never expected there to be a French equivalent of the "they only love you all the more for it" construction. 3UPs :) Dec 3 '16 at 5:10

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