C'est notre pays. Il nous appartient un peu à tous.

The speaker says this sentence, pointing out the fact that the country they live in does not just belong to a select few (as her interlocutor implies), but to all the people there, in fact.

I wonder if « un peu » has the meaning of "kind of / sort of", taking the edge off the otherwise somewhat strong opinion?

{compared to}: C'est notre pays. Il nous appartient à tous.

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It means: this country is a bit mine, a bit yours, a bit hers, etc. for every person living in. Like every person owns a part of it.

To me there is no difference between the sentence with un peu and the other one. Maybe with un peu you insist on "every person" when with the other one you say "our community in its whole".

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    I agree with the slight difference. Using "un peu" means no one owns it all... not using "un peu" would mean "anyone could say « it's mine »"...
    – Random
    Dec 11, 2016 at 16:00

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