Today's page of www.VerbeDuJour.com for the verb repartir shows this example text:

Samuel repart dans la rue acheter du pain.

Two questions about conjugations.

  • None of the ten conjugations (PRÉSENT, FUTUR, etc.) displayed on that page are as short as the six-letter depart. All the conjugations continue with reparti… such as il répartit and il répartira. So what conjugation is depart?
  • Should repart have an accent répart as do all the conjunctions listed on that page?

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That website is wrong. It is giving you the conjugations for the verb répartir (to divide), not repartir (to restart).

You can see the correct conjugations in any good online dictionary. (Here's a link to the correct page on WordReference.)

To answer your question, repart is present tense and should not have an accent. The core root of this particular verb is "repar-" and that will not change no matter the verb tense; only the ending will vary.

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